Saturday, July 3, 2010

OMG...The Big Bar Was BACK!!!

Last year when we traveled to Wisconsin for the 2009 Red Power Round-up, the whole family became adicted to these awesome, hand-dipped Big Bars.  They are made by a family in a small town in Wisconsin.  Each bar is hand made with different flavors and then hand dipped.

This year there weren't as many flavors, but the ones they had were just as awesome!  The bars that were dipped in chocolate came with or without nuts.  But the cool thing about the nuts is, they mix all kinds of nuts and add sunflower seeds!

I took a picture to show you just how big these bars are!  You have to eat them in the shade so that they don't melt before you finish eating them!

They are aleast 6 inches long and about 1/2 thick!  I just wish we could buy these at home!!  If you are ever at a festival and see this sign for homemade Big Bars, be sure to get one...or two...maybe even a third one just to try a different flavor!  You won't be disappointed!!

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