Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is That *@%??

This morning I woke up and made muffins and a few biscuits for the boys breakfast.  Knox got his and ate them up before I knew it!

I got Hamp and me a muffin and biscuit.  I put Hamp up in his seat while I sat down next to him and we started eating our breakfast.  I noticed that his hands were covered in what I thought was brownie from the night before. 

I made homemade brownies the night before that all the boys devoured!  I had noticed that there were still brownie crumbs on the floor this morning so I just thought that Hamp had gotten hold of those crumbs and that was what was all over his hands.

So I go and get a wipe to clean off his hands before he starts eating.  Then Hamp and I start breakfast.  Hamp starts getting out of his seat--his sign that he's done.  As he lifts his leg, I notice it!  He has a dirty diaper!  There's poop all over the diaper!

OMG!!  I realized that what I thought was brownie, was not brownie--well, it was last night!!

These are the times we live for as parents....

1 comment:

  1. That is just too funny! DonnaMariePatterson


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