Monday, July 26, 2010

Do You Have a License to Drive That?

Hubby comes running in the house the other day saying, "Get out here and see what your oldest son is doing!"  So I grab the baby and head to the door.  "Grab the camera when you come!," yells Hubby.

When I get outside, this is what I saw...

Hubby's skidder being driven by someone other than Hubby...

My oldest "baby"--Knox!

Knox has been working with Hubby the past week.  Hubby needed him to drive the skidder to the lower pasture while he drove the work truck.

Hubby then felt Knox could drive the dozer too.  He got to push the tree limbs into the pit.

When he brought the skidder back to the shop....

He was really concentrating!!

Hubby and I are really proud of him!  But it makes me realize that my "baby" is growing up...


  1. Yeah, he's growing up, but just remember- he'll always be able to support himself with an early talent for operating heavy equipment!

  2. Oh, wow! You know he was just busting his little heart out with joy and pride and such a big truck!... yes, your boy is growing up and, pretty soon, he'll be complaining about having all that work to do... great memory pix... I remember when my daughters turned 13 and I turned stupid on the same day... your time will come... and, then, it passes and they're your adult friends for life!... come visit when you can...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  3. Oh my! Knox is growing up!

    Does Petey bush hog? Our back yard needs it bad!

  4. Oh my gosh that is adorable~they really do grow up so fast:)

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    Oh and by the way Krizzy Designs did my blog, she is super easy to work with and very reasonable:)

  5. That is a boys dream. I am sure he was just thrilled.

  6. My son loves to drive the lawn tractor, which is the closest equivalent that we have. Actually, he wants to drive the car, but the very idea of that makes me shudder. LOL


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