We all have heard the recalls on countless fruits and vegetables because of pesticides and ecoli scares and we are more careful about the food we put on our table.  We all are trying to save money. 

One way we can grow our own food and not only have better food to feed our families but we can save money too.  And at the same time, create a more beautiful world!

These posts are going to be my thoughts and experiences with vegetable and flower gardening.  Both are good for the soul and hopefully these posts will be good for your garden!

I spent over 27 years in the greenhouse business and was a Horticulture major in college.  I also taught Horticulture on the high school level until my program was cut back.  To make these posts better, I ask for your advise and help. Tell me what you have questions about, what you need help with, and what you have found to work for you.  The key to this being a great gardening post, is the feedback I get from you.  Remember, no question is too simple or too ridiculous to ask!

Let's get ready to play in the dirt!

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