Friday, February 21, 2014

Hamp Turns 5

February is when Hamp turns 5.  But if you ask him, he'll quickly tell you that he's not 5...he's still 4!

We celebrated his birthday with just the family.

The next day, he celebrated with his class at school.  The only thing was he didn't want to have his picture made blowing out the candle on his cupcake...

It's hard to believe that my "little tumor" has now been in our lives for 5 years!  Before he came into our lives, I never thought I would have another child...but now I can't remember life without him!  He is a joy to all that know him and true blessing in the lives of his Mama, Daddy, and Big Brother!  Thank you Lord for giving him to us...

1 comment:

  1. Yesterday my kid was at a B-day party, and the kids there were so active and energetic that they hardly sat at the table for more than 5 min. Son was at home really late for him, and we even had to have his homework done by, so that he could bring some ready assignment to school.

    And really nice cupcakes! :)


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