Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Than Tractors...

Eventhough we always seem to call the Southeastern Old Thresher's Reunion a tractor show, it is much more than that!  There are demonstrations going on all day all over the park.  I couldn't get pictures of everything but I thought I would share with you some of the highlights...

Since we camp behind the grist mill, Knox spends all his time during the show working in the mill.  The George E. Sperling Grist Mill was built around 1890 and moved to the Farm Park in 1991 from Shelby, NC.  The French stones, which were brought from Europe in the bottom of ships to stabilize the weight of the ship, are used to ground the corn.

Charles Johnson, pictured below with his wife, is in charge of the grist mill during the Thresher's Reunion.  God bless Mr. Johnson and his family who let Knox work in the mill!  He has the best time and it helps us keep tabs on him during the day.

Across the road from the grist mill is the 1901 General Store.  It was moved to the Farm Park front the Jackson Hill Community where is was known as the Everhart-Loflin Store.  There is a post office in the back of the store that is operated by the US Postal Service during the 5 days of the show as a historical observance.  They have a special pictorial cancellation stamp that is used on all mail every year.  Many folks send mail to themselves to collect the special pictorials because the cancellation die is retired to the national archives after the show ends.

There is also a voting booth in the back by the post office.  It was used up until the 1970's as a polling place after the store closed.
The one thing we love to get at the General Store is a bottled Coke, a slice of hoop cheese, and crackers.  It's even better sitting on the front porch people watching!

Up from the General Store is a the old Jackson Hill country church.  The 1908 structure was moved to Denton Farm Park in 1976 and was the third building used by the Southern Methodist congregation.  It was restored to the way the church looked in the 1950s.  The is music almost always playing in the church throughout the day and on Sunday morning of the Thresher's Reunion, services are held at 9 am.  Friends of ours were married in the church back in the 1990s and people are still use it throughout the year.

Across from the Jackson Hill Church, is an old shoe repair store and a gas station.   The shoe shop was built on site and is filled with the collection of the late Sam Morris of Thomasville, NC.  It is a complete workable shoe shop and is fascinating to walk through just to realize how cheaply shoes today are made!

The Elliott Brother's Store and Gas Station began operation in the early 1930s.  It sold groceries, gas beverages and had a garage that sold tires until 1948.  It was moved from the intersection of North Carolina Highways 109 and Hwy 49.  It is filled will great automobile antiques and some are even for sale!

All of these are permanent displays at the Farm Park and are open for visitors to tour through throughout the Southeastern Old Thresher's Reunion.  Keep reading...I'll be showing more of the Reunion in the coming days!  Let me know if you like these posts, please!!

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  1. Oh, I love that place... thanks for posting such great pix and bringing back some great memories... continue to enjoy your trip...

    Twitter: SolarChief


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