Friday, July 30, 2010

Little Dancing Monster

There is a Little Monster that keeps showing up in my house!  He's almost 3 feet high and keeps getting all my clothes that have cleaned and folded.  He even is getting the dirty clothes out of the hamper!  He walks around with these clothes on his head!  When music starts playing, the Little Monster starts dancing with the clothes on his head! 

Oh, yes it is a little boy named Hampton who has become the Little Dancing Monster!

Hamp has this thing of putting all types of clothes and towels on his head and walking around.  If there is music playing, he will start dancing with the clothes on his head. 

So the other night, he was walking around with Hubby's work shirt on his head.  Big brother Knox thought it would be funny to see what he looked like wearing Hubby's work shirt.

After brother put the shirt on Hamp, he started dancing for us!

Hamp loves to show his moves off...only if there's music playing!
But when it stops...

He's lost!  You can see just how cute he is with Daddy's work shirt on!  By the way the shirt IS clean...Hubby just works in grease and oil all day, and it just doesn't all come out in the wash! 

But little Hamp doesn't care, he likes to wear and dance in Hubby's work shirt!  It makes him become a cute Little Dancing Monster!


  1. Such a cutie!! I am sure it's a big deal to wear daddy's shirt!!

  2. He's adorable... my daughter's always liked to run around the house with a towel around their shoulders like a cape... couldn't take it away from them... figured it wouldn't be my problem when they got married... Hampton needs a shirt of his own...

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