Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Pictures, Finally!!

My mother's (Grandmoma) beautiful, tall azaleas are blooming!  Last year, at the height of their blooming, I took a picture of Knox and Hamp in front of the azaleas.  It was too cute!  I wanted to try to capture another picture this year to show how much they had both grown.
The other day I decided the azaleas were "just right" to get the boys' picture.  So outside we go, me and the boys with Grandmoma and her dog, Cooper, in tow.  I find the perfect spot for the boys to stand.  But wait--Grandmoma says the spot I found is on a fire ant mound!  Those of you lucky enough not to have fire ants don't realize how much the little boogers hurt when they bite!  They're awful!!  They will be up your leg before you know it.  The last thing I wanted was to have the boys stand in a fire ant mound.

So I double check to calm Grandmoma's nerves and see that there were NO fire ants!  Grandmoma still goes on about the fire ants!  This causes Knox to keep looking at his feet!  I tell Grandmoma again that there are NO FIRE ANTS, but she keeps saying there is! 

If you are a parent you know that when you are working on getting a picture of a one year old requires a quick camera and patience.  I don't have a quick camera and between Grandmoma freaking out about the fire ants, Knox freaking out because Grandmoma was, and a one year old that didn't want his picture made so the quick picture turned into a nightmare!

I got a baby crying and running off!  I got Grandmoma freaking out because she thinks there are fire ants all over the azaleas!  Then there's Knox so fixed on the ground looking for the non-existent fire ants that I can't get him to look at the camera!  UGH!@!@!

So here are the FIRST spring pictures!  These are the only two from the 15 pictures I took! 

I left mad, frustrated, and just too tried to fight when we finished these pictures. The next day, we tried it again! We all went out to get the picture of the boys in front of Grandmoma's beautiful azaleas! The only difference in yesterday and today--I had a talk with Grandmoma! There were to be NO mention of FIRE ANTS!

So, here are the actual Spring Pictures of my boys!! Next year, Grandmoma IS NOT going to be coming out to help with the picture! I'll let her watch from the window!


  1. Just beautiful! Aren't azaleas the prettiest flowers? They, of course, are made more lovely by your sweet children standing in front of them! So glad you were able to finally get these!!

    Hi! I'm new to your blog and so glad I stopped by! I'm your newest follower! Cheers!

  2. Thanks and welcome! My husband gave me greif for putting the boys in front of "pink" azaeleas! Just like a man!


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