Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What To Do With Those Broken Glasses?

I don't know about you but no matter how careful I am, I will eventually break a favorite glass.  I really hate to throw them away. 

The other day a realized a had quite a few glasses, mugs and dishes that I had been collecting.  I wanted to recycle them somehow.  But how?  Then it came to me!  Why not use them in my flower garden!!

I placed my favorite wine glass so that it looked like my liatris is growing out of it!  (I'll take another picture later once the liatris blooms!)  Look close--it's a clear glass!

My favorite tea mug (yes, folks, I'm one of those strange people that HATES coffee!) found a place between the blue salvia and verbena.  I fixed it so that it looked like the verbena was growing out of it!

The boys broke an old bowl that found a new home in my veronica.  I made it look like the veronica was busting out of the bowl!  I can't wait to see what this is going to look like next February!

Share with me any other ways you have "recycled" those broken dishes!


  1. Saying hello, SITSta! Need to check out your blog some more. Very interesting. Hope you'll stop by and visit me, as well. I'm a tractor lady, myself, and love the moments for contemplation. So far as broken crockery and glassware, that becomes mosaic fodder, and will really change character in the kiln...

  2. That's very creative. Note to self: Do not walk barefoot when visiting Tractor Mom's garden : )

    I love that you're thinking about the environment. I usually just throw broken glasses into the recycling bin. How boring is that!

  3. Melodramommy I'm glad I got you thinking. I always keep extra flip flops if you come by the garden barefooted!!


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