Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Spotlight: Tide Stain Release

I live with two boys who are true BOYS.  They are outside playing in the trees, moving dirt to dig holes,  and then they follow their Daddy.  Hubby is a diesal mechanic so there is ALWAYS grease and other dirty stains on his clothes.  And whatever Hubby is into, so are the boys!  So his stains, become their stains, too! 

To say that laundry is an adventure is a true understatement in this house!  I have tried every kind of so-called stain remover on the market with little or no good results.  Then one day I bought a new product from Tide--Tide Stain Release Liquid.  The only reason I bought it was that I had a coupon to use and I found it on sale at CVS!  So I tried it...
Man, it worked!  I was shocked just how good it worked.  It got out not only grass, grease, and red clay, but it got out those nasty food stains that baby Hamp loves to leave for me to clean!  But the thing that blew me away was not just that Tide's Stain Release Liquid got these NEW stains out, it got out the OLD stains!  I just couldn't believe it!  This Stain Release Liquid got out stains that had been in the boys clothes for a couple of washes!  Amazing!! Just amazing!

It comes in three forms:  Liquid, Powder, and Duo Pak.  The Liquid can be used as a pre-treater for especially tough stains.  The Powder you can use for pre-soaking those heavy stains.  The Duo Pak has both a powder and liquid that is thrown into the washer for greater convenience.

Try this new Tide Stain Release and see if you aren't blown away too!

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