Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sleep Time Is Not Fun Time

Our 14 month old, Hamp, is not wanting to sleep lately.  Getting him to go to sleep has been an adventure or some times just plan torture! 

It stems from the fact that he sleep with my husband and I until he was about 11 months.  I did this since I was breastfeeding and it just makes since to roll over and pull out the "moo-juice" than to get out of bed and nurse!  Besides, I had to go to work and needed my sleep to deal with my students the next day!

When Hamp had almost quit nursing at night, I decided it was time to move to the crib!  So I started by letting him take naps in the crib.  I would get him asleep nursing and then move him to his crib.  At night was a different story!

We had started a routine for Hamp the day we brought him home.  He would have his bath, nurse, and then to bed.  It was to the point that as soon as he had a bath, he was rubbing the eyes, ready for bed.  But now, after the bath is play time!!  He does't enough want to stop for nursing--weanning, here we come!

So the day came that we had to get him to sleep but he didn't want to!  The decision was made to just let him cry himself to sleep.  Now, I know some people don't like to do this--I don't really either--but when he's so tried he can't sit still, won't nurse, and keeps nodding off with out giving it up, you just got to do something! 

I put him in his bed with a sippy cup and closed the door.  Waaaaaaaaaaa!!  Ugh!!!!  Waaaaaaaaa!  Hmmm!!  Waaaaa! Well maybe this is working!  Waaaa!  Shhhhhh!  Waa.........  It got quite in the room but I kept hearing a wimper, then another wimper, then nothing....  So I stuck my head in the door to see.  This is what I found......

He lost the battle.

And he didn't want to go to sleep!  He has done this two more times but is getting better at finding a way to get to sleep!

1 comment:

  1. Uh, it is sooo hard to let them cry it out...minutes seem like hours. I don't blame you about breastfeeding in bed. I didn't really do it much with Gracie, but I have done it more with Cooper. It really does help you get so much more sleep!

    Poor thing! I hope Hamp gets used to his new sleeping situation soon!


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