Thursday, April 29, 2010

Playing with the Boys!

The other Saturday, the boys and I decided it was just too pretty to stay inside.  So we went outside! 

Knox went to gather the eggs and he and Hamp decided to play with them!  Believe it or eggs were harmed during this playtime!  (Don't call PETA!)  Unbelievable!!

Hamp went to his play truck and I spent the next 30 minutes trying to get these two pictures!!  I wanted to get a picture of him in it to show how much fun he has just sitting in his truck watching his big brother!  Then there's big brother who has to find a way to get into the picture too!

It just made for a great day!!


  1. Hey Tractor Mom! What gorgeous pictures of your boys. I totally can relate to the long length of time it takes to get a good picture of the kids. Mine almost always involve bribery. Sugar has a lot of power. Looking forward to seeing and reading about your experiences with the tractor shows.

    So great to be in touch.


  2. Those are great memories, too! We just don't realize it, at the time. Thanks for sharing...


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