Monday, May 3, 2010

The Barking Seal in Our Bed Last Night!

Sooooo sorry about not posting the past few days!  We've been dealing with a fussy baby who decided last night to come down with the croup!  Let me start at the beginning....

Friday, when I picked Hamp up from his Nanny's, he had a running nose that wouldn't quit!  I noticed that the river coming from his nose was not clear--it was polluted!  It was turning green--not the good "Green".  The last time Hamp had a green river coming out of his nose we needed up with a subburn ear infection!  I didn't want to wait to see if we were dealing with a simple cold, sinus infection, an ear infection, or just super, duper teething...

So off to the clinic! 

We got the the doctor's office at 4:12 pm on Friday afternoon.  For all you mommies need I say more!  I thought we were in for a wait, but we got lucky...the nurse practioner took us right in!

She found that Hamp didn't have a full sinus infection but had nasal conjestion and a "little" bit of redness on one ear.  She told me to continue using saline and cleaning out his nose and giving him a decongestant every 6 hours.  She also was going to call in a prescription in case his ear got worse.

Just what I wanted to hear...his ear could get worse!  I headed home and started salining the nose and giving him another dose of decongestant.  By Saturday afternoon, Hamp's nose was still running but the green river was just a little muddy.  We had company over for supper and Hamp was playing like an active toodler, just trying to keep up with his brother and the older kids! 

Sunday started normal.  Hamp's nose was crusty but still the river ran cleaner and he slept the night without waking up.  After church, we did something we had not done in months--we took a family drive!  Off we went to Seneca and back home through Clayton.  I was tempted to get on the blog when we got home but we were having too much family fun time!  So the Sunday Spotlight didn't get posted this week!  Stay tuned...

Everything seemed great with "little bit" until that night!!

Why is it that if a child is going to be sick it's going to happen between 1 and 4 in the morning?!?!  Hamp went to slept as normal.  At 1:30 am, he was screaming!!  We tried cleaning his nose, giving decongestant, tylenol, ear pain drops, rocking, walking, crying with him.... 

Finally, we get him asleep.  Monday morning we get awakened by a barking seal sleeping in the bed with us.  Wait that's Hamp!  He is barking like a seal and weezing!  The CROUP!  We've been down this road before...Frist stop this morning--The Clinic or The ER?

We get Knox off to school and sleep as long as we can before we pack up Hamp and head out to get some breakfast before we go spend our morning in the ER with the "crazies". (Look, it's raining and Monday--nobody wants to go to work, so they go to the ER for doctor's excuses!)  

When we get to breakfast, Hamp comes alive!  We're chasing him all over the diner and not cough as much as he did at home.

Change of to the clinic we go!  We're the first ones there.  The receptionist realize that we've been up half the night and get us right in.  When the doctor looks at Hamp, he definitely has croup but the ear's are fine!  Thank God for small miracles!

The doctor gives Hamp an oral steriod (to only use one day) and fills us in on somethings about croup.  Croup is a narrowing of the layrx.  We most of us get a cold, we get runny noses and some type of cough.  But for Hamp, everytime he gets a simple cold, the cold goes into his layrx and that's what causes the croupy barking everytime he coughs.  Going outside in the cool night air, standing in the warm shower, or having a humidifier all help with the croup.

With his explanation, we figured out why Hamp is getting the croup!!  Since we live in an older home that is not far off the groud, we use a dehumidifier to help with the dampness and to stop mold growth.  We explained to the doctor that we didn't want to run a humidifier. So he suggested just turning it off at night.

So, tonight is the test!  Hamp had a long nap today (so did his moma and daddy) and we are getting ready to turn off the dehumidifier in his room.  It's been raining here all day.  Hamp sounds pretty good.  The test comes tonight to see if we can all get some sleep tonight!!  Cross your fingers....

Hopefully I'll get the blog going again on the normal schedule tomorrow! 

Stay tuned......


  1. Poor baby! I hope he feels better & y'all get some sleep!

    I took last week off from blogging, but did get your award...thank you!

    Mason had a cold for a couple of days last week w/a fever, but no cough or ear infection. And Sid was home for a couple of days, too, therefore the reason for the LOA! =)

  2. Time's have changed, for sure. I had the croup as a baby and may parents had to move to the mountains! You're lucky they have something that doesn't change your whole lifestyle. That aside, it's very unpleasant for Hamp and he is in my prayers for a quick recovery and no more episodes.

  3. Thanks, Laura! We got pretty much a full night's sleep. He's doing better!

    Sharlene, we're lucky enough to live in the Blue Ridge Mt. Thanks for the prayers--Lord knows we need as many as we can get!!

  4. Tractor Mom, I'm sooooo sorry to her your little man is sick with croup. We've not had to deal with that yet, but I hear it's horrible! So we were also dealing with sicknesses this weekend and trips to urgent care. I really hope he feels better. And that you also can get some rest!

    Love ya!


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