Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Spotlight: "Green" House Party!

The other Saturday I got to go to my first House Party event!  If you don't know anything about House Party check out their web link here.  This party was spotlighting White Cloud's new "Green" line of paper products.  I got a free 4 roll of bath tissue and a coupon for a FREE 2-roll pack of paper towels!

I was excited to get to try some new products that are environmentally friendly.  White Cloud was nice enough send a reusable bag to put all our great goodies in!!

Amy, our host, had us all bring a white elephant gift to exchange.  I was lucky enough to get an oil and bread set.  I was excited to get it!  I got to "steal" it from someone else.

I have been impressed with the White Cloud Green Earth paper towels so far.  They hold up really well and are very absorbent.  I haven't been too kean on recycled paper products because in my experience that they didn't hold up as well.  These paper towels DO seem to hold up as well as regular paper towels!  Even though we are not big paper towel user at our house, these seem to be lasting as long as our regular paper towels.

I have also been impressed with the White Cloud Green Earth bath tissue (TP--to the rest of us!).  My crew here at home goes through some TP!  It amazes me just how much me go through in a weeks time!  The White Cloud Green Earth bath tissue seems to be a hit with the crowd here!  It is got the softness that we love and is still able to last longer than 2 days!  We have tried other recycled TPs and have found them to be rough and not as absorbent.  White Cloud is holding up without falling apart before you finish using it!

White Cloud Green Earth products have shown me that recycled paper products have really come a long way!  This House Party event as even got me ready to become a White Cloud Green Earth user.


  1. Oh, what fun! I get to host a Shrek/McDonalds party next Saturday. Just got my party pack a few days ago.

    Though, I do feel a little deflated b/c I just saw on the moms' message board where I invited the group that one mom put "doesn't think Shrek is appropriate for kids. But, the rest of you have fun." Isn't that rude?

    Okay, I probably shouldn't be venting all over your cute post. LOL

  2. i wanted the shrek party, but got the hasbro game night party instead which is gonna be awesome! =)


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