Monday, May 17, 2010

Showing What I Can Do

I was sitting in the living room catching up watching TV when I heard these little feet.  They were getting faster and coming closer.  I also kept hearing laughing.  It was Hamp

He has learned to RUN!  He was running through the living room, then the dinning room, through the kitchen and then back through the living room.  Nothing could have been more fun for him!  Hamp made at least 10 laps until something else caught his interest.

I couldn't help but reflect at how just a few months ago he was just learning how to pull up!  I better watch out, I may have a long distance runner on my hands!

Now, my number 1 son has been moping around the house since Friday when he broke his collarbone.  He has been trying to find something he can do that won't make him hurt his arm.  He can't play his normal weekend play and he can't finish building his tree perch.

But Knox found something to keep him busy this afternoon...

He used the grass cuttings to "draw" a TV.  He then put his name inside the TV. be 10 again with a vivid imagination!


  1. Hamp's smile says it all. You can tell he is so pleased with his new skills. What a cutie!

    And the grass cutting tv... hahaha... love it!

  2. Our friends son broke a collarbone. We felt so sorry for him losing his active life for awhile, but then couch potatoes don't break things. What cuties....


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