Friday, May 14, 2010

They're Renaming the ER for Us!

This morning started like any other morning....

I got up after the obituaries on the radio (Yes, I know, I have become my grandmothers!).  I get my clothes on and head to the kitchen to fix my morning eggs.  I wake up Knox and he goes out to walk the dog and check the fish.  While Knox is doing his morning chores, I settle down to eat my breakfast and enjoy my hot tea (I don't drink coffee.).

Knox brings the dog in the house and goes back out.  I see him playing in the magnolia tree.  He had tied off a rope in one of the tree's limb and made a climb rope out of it the night before.  So he was out there playing on it again before school. 

Now I didn't think anything of this!  Playing in the magnolia was really normal for him.  He has tons of energy when he gets up in the mornings and we just let him get out as much as he can before he has to get on the school bus.

I looked back outside to check on him and saw him on the ground!  I opened the door and could hear him crying.  He was rolling around and crying that it hurt.  He had fell about 10 feet when his climb rope became untied!

I made sure he could move his arms and legs--no broken bones right?  But as I get him inside and take his shirt off is when I notice it!  A blue bludge on his collar bone!  When Hubby looks at it, we realized that we were going BACK to the ER!

Now what you have to realize is just how much my family has been to the ER or hospital this past year!  When we had our taxes done, we found that we  and the insurance company had paid over $80,000 in medical bills last year!  We had been to the ER over 6 different times!  We should have our own wing i the ER.

When they x-rayed his collar bone, we found out that it was broken!  There's not much you can do for a broken collar bone but put the arm in a sling and take pain meds.  So that's what our orders were when we left the ER. 

We made it home by 10:00 am.  I stayed out of work to make sure that Knox didn't have a reaction to the pain meds they gave him.  He has been trying to ajust to his new situation. 

While he rested, I snoozed!  It was kind of good to take a day off to get some relaxaztion.  Since Knox didn't feel like doing much, we just laid around the rest of the morning watching TV.  I started to do some blogging, but I fell asleep before the computer booted up!  That was my cue to take a nap!

Knox has reminded me everytime when its time for his pain meds!  He is not handling the pain too well!  Sleeping tonight will be interesting! 

He told his Daddy that this has been the longest Friday EVER!  He keeps telling us that he should have never been in the tree this morning and that he should have had Daddy check his knot!  I don't think we need to get on to him about tying good rope knots anymore!


  1. Oh wow! Glad Knox is ok. It could have been a whole lot worse. At least he learned to be more careful. Hope you don't have any more trips to the ER anytime soon! -Maria

  2. Aww. :( How sad. I hope he starts feeling better soon!

  3. Oh, poor Knox! That doesn't sound fun, for him or for you!

  4. Poor thing! Hope he gets better soon!


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