Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Favorite Dinner Date

As Hamp and I sat down to eat this evening, he looked up and smiled really big saying, "CHEESE."

We were quietly eating.  He had been looking through a Thomas the Train magazine while I was looking through a new seed catalog and listening to the evening news.  Neither or us were talking.  This is somewhat usually for Hamp.  He is normally talking a mile-a-minute from the time he comes home to the time he goes to sleep. 

I was taking in the quiet when I looked up to see Hamp with a mouth full smiling wildly at me!  As I giggled at him, he came over and said, "Can you take my picture Mama?"

I grasped the camera under a consistent singing of "CHEESE".  I readied the camera and captured this little cutie in a typical moment for him.

God has given him an uncanny ability to brighten up any moment.  He finds a way to add joy and sunshine even when you don't realize that you need it.  He is truly my light of God...

Monday, January 6, 2014

Zac Brown is My Husband?

I had no idea that my Hubby was the famous Zac Brown...only in looks.  For the past few years we have had more than one person comment about how  much he looks like the singer.  We have gotten quite a few laughs out of it as well as a few second glances.
It become more noticeable in the winter when Hubby starts wearing his stocking cap instead of his IH hat.
When Hubby went to the local liquor store New Year's Eve, he said that he got a few weird looks until he realized that he was standing next to a full size cutout of Zac Brown!

So, of course, we couldn't let this pass by without some photos!  I laughed as we were asking the clerk what they were planning to do with the cut out when he did a double take!  He even had to take a picture of Hubby next to Zac!

Well, I'll let you be the judge...which one is the real one?

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