Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Favorite Dinner Date

As Hamp and I sat down to eat this evening, he looked up and smiled really big saying, "CHEESE."

We were quietly eating.  He had been looking through a Thomas the Train magazine while I was looking through a new seed catalog and listening to the evening news.  Neither or us were talking.  This is somewhat usually for Hamp.  He is normally talking a mile-a-minute from the time he comes home to the time he goes to sleep. 

I was taking in the quiet when I looked up to see Hamp with a mouth full smiling wildly at me!  As I giggled at him, he came over and said, "Can you take my picture Mama?"

I grasped the camera under a consistent singing of "CHEESE".  I readied the camera and captured this little cutie in a typical moment for him.

God has given him an uncanny ability to brighten up any moment.  He finds a way to add joy and sunshine even when you don't realize that you need it.  He is truly my light of God...

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