Monday, August 30, 2010

My Little Surprise!

This is a re-post about the arrival of my second little blessing.  I have a lot of new "groupies" since I first posted this, so I thought I'd do some enjoy!

My 18 month old is becoming more and more like a little man!  Everything is a discovery.  He is finding new ways each day to get into more and more things! Everyday he is changing.  Life is changing again...just as it did when we found out he was on the way.

To give you some background, you have to understand that we didn't find out that our second son was coming until I was 30 weeks pregnant! Oh, yes, you read that right--30 weeks pregnant! I was one of THOSE women that had their pregnancy symptoms be mistaken for something else. I know you want to hear the story--so here we go!

I was having an awful time holding my bladder. I was leaking every time I went for a walk, worked in the yard or cleaned the house. Not to mention what happened every time I coughed or laughed!

(Don't laugh, you've been there too!)

I was also having these weird cramps that were coming and going throughout the day.

So I made an appointment to see an OB who was a church friend of ours. (My OB that had delivered my first son had moved his practice a few months before.) After giving me a vaginal exam, the doc said that he thought my uterus was a little large and with the cramps I was having, he thought I might have a cyst on the uterus or ovaries. (Little did he or I know!) He scheduled me for an ultrasound.

So the following Monday I went in for an ultrasound. When the sweet, young lady put the ultrasound on me, there appeared this little "creature" on the TV screen.

I said, "What's THAT?!?"

She asked, "How many weeks are you?"

I looked at her and said, "I'm not suppose to be pregnant!!".

In the sweetest, and most professionally, calm way, she said, "Let me get the doctor."

The ultrasound tech walked out of the room to get the doctor. Next thing I know, in comes the doc with his nurse and the tech close behind. He took one look at the ultrasound and said, "OH MY GOD"

I looked at him and said, "That's a big damn cyst!".

He just said, "OH MY GOD! I got that one wrong..."

I said, "YOU got it wrong! What about ME!!

Thus started our 7 week pregnancy adventure!

Every one asked if I had morning sickness.  Well, at the time I got pregnant, I had rotator cuff surgery.  Yes, major surgery where they put you under and give you major pain drugs!  And yes, they did give me a pregnancy test (that I passed!) before the surgery.  I did have some nausea after my surgery, but I just thought it was from the mixer of the anaesthesia and pain medicines.

They also asked what about your periods stopping.  Well I have never really had normal periods.  I have gone as long as 60 days between them.  I had also had my hormones checked and found that it looked as if I was going into early menopause.  (This is not unusual for my mother's side of the family.)  So as my periods slacked off, I didn't think much of it...actually, I was jumping for joy!! 

Now you have to realize, we had a 10 year old whom we were perfectly willing to raise as an only child. I am an only child and so is my mother. Raising an only child was no big deal to me or my husband.  Our oldest was born prematurely and we were told that if we had another child that it too would have a strong chance of born prematurely too.  Our feelings were that if it happened, it happened, but we just weren't going to actively try. With this mind set, we had gotten rid of all our baby stuff! We had NOTHING and we had 7 weeks to get everything you need for an infant!

We live in a small town. One that my husband and I have grown up in and both of our families have lived in for over 5 generations. So when the word got out about us being 30 weeks pregnant and not knowing--well, to say we were the talk of the town, IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!

We were THE conservation, and to some existent, still are.  (People still laugh when they see us around town, especially when we have the baby with us.)  We don't mind too much! It gives other poor souls a break. And my husband is just so proud that he can still prove his manhood--just like a man, ain't it!

But the greatest thing about being the talk of the town is that everyone knew we were looking for baby stuff! We were inundated with just about everything we needed and enough diapers to make it through the first month! (This is why I could never leave this wonderful little town!)

Our little one is starting to talk and show his great new personality. He is hitting new milestones in his life everyday. He is the greatest surprise that Hubby and I will ever have!

This is why he will always be "My Little Surprise."


  1. That is a great story. I think that would be the funnest thing in the world to have happen to me.

  2. Oh, wow! I can't believe you didn't know until then! LOL

  3. I am so glad that you reposted this story. What an adventure that must have been, 7 weeks. WOW. But you couldn't have asked for a better little surprise.

  4. I'll never forget the day Petey told me you were pregnant & had found out the week before you were 30 weeks!
    Of course, when we found out about Mason we didn't have anything either but we wouldn't have been able to use anything from when Sid was a baby (but clothes) since they are almost 17 years apart! =)

  5. That's a great story - and it's fabulous that everyone in your town got together to help you get ready for your new arrival! :)

  6. Okay, people. You kinda sorta know Cavonna from her blog, but if you really know Cavonna they way we do here in our small town the humor would be multiplied tenfold!!! Love ya, Cavonna!

  7. Ok, Susi, don't scare the poor people away!

  8. Love this story! I see those shows where a woman doesn't know she is pregnant and I always wonder...

    Now I know how it can happen! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. holy MOLY!

    just curious- how about the baby moving? that's always floored me how people don't recognize/realize that part of it.

    and did you not show?

    sorry for the personal questions and feel free to ignore them- just totally intrigued!!


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