Sunday, August 1, 2010

Brotherly Love

The other day I was working on something and Knox and Hamp were playing in the other room.  I had tried to get Hamp to go down for a nap but he was in no mood.  He wanted to play with Knox.  So I let him go, knowing that he would be back wanting to curl up for a nap.

About 15 minutes later I asked Knox where Hamp was.  I have learned that if you can't hear the boys, you better start looking!  Knox tells me to be quite because Hamp as gone to sleep in the recliner.  So I go in the den to take Hamp to his bed when I see Knox already getting him.  I said that I would put him down and I got an unusual answer.

Knox said, "Don't worry Moma.  I've got my little brother."

He does.  Knox is my "right-hand man"!  He helps with Hamp all the time.  Being 10 years between them, Knox has had to wait (and is still waiting) for Hamp to get big enough to really play with. 

We have tried to not make it Knox's responsibility to watch Hamp but he has become an extra set of eyes.  Knox can sometimes find the elusive sippy cup much better than Hubby and I.  He is also quicker at grabbing up things off the floor than we are. 

We worried at one time that the age difference would not make it hard for the boys to be close.   But today I learned that I don't think we will have to worry about how much Knox loves his little brother!

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  1. At 10, it's wonderful that your oldest feels protective and supportive of his little brother -- this will carry over to the adult years, so well... I know because I was the 10-year-older sister to my youngest sister and, whether through constant togetherness or what, I don't know, there's an almost parent/child/friend blend that's hard to describe but great to share... come visit when you can...

    Twitter: SolarChief


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