Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Big Red

I wanted to introduce the newest member of our family...

Big Red!!

Big Red is our new rooster that we got at the chicken sale.  He is pretty tame.  We have been able to pet him and pick him up with no problem.  He'll come right up to you.  But he is getting a little too tame!  The crazy rooster walks in the house when you open the front door if you are not watching!

Knox also told his that he was working on "roosting" on the hens.  He said this was a good sign that we were going to be able to have more eggs!  It's amazing how observant kids are...


  1. lol i love it. My sister has chickens and loves having them!! keep us posted

  2. He is a handsome fella! Yes, children are very observant!

  3. Ooh, he sounds friendly. And smart too, if he'd rather be inside this summer. :-)


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