Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Garden Is Growing!

I took these pictures of our garden when we came back from vacation.

I just wanted to show you have much it has grown this past month.

We've been harvesting a few butternut squash...

And straight neck squash...this one decided to be a little different!

I'll be sharing some more pictures of new stuff coming out of the garden soon!  I've even got a great way to cook the butternut squash!  Come back to check these out!!


  1. Wow That is an amazing garden. Butternut squash make great "pumpkin pie". I have even been told that some of the pumpkin we buy in cans is really BNS.

  2. Your garden looks amazing. I cant wait to hear about the butternut squash recipe.

  3. You can't turn your back on Mother Nature! See what she does! The garden is great and you'll have sustenance for the family... way to go... come visit when you can and bring that recipe!

    Twitter: SolarChief

  4. What a beautiful garden! Makes for the best eating in town. Right now things are too crazy for me to embark on starting a garden in the backyard, but it is on my todo list for the future. What an inspiration.


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