Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Urns

I want to show you one of the all-time greatest deals I have ever made!

This is one of two urns that I "stole" at an auction a few years back.  They are two piece (urn on a stand) and made of cast iron.  I have them placed one on each side of my carport.

We were at the Southeastern Old Thrasher's Reunion a couple of summer ago.  During the Reunion there is an auction that Hubby and I always check it out.  While we were walking around the tables and equipment, I found these two urns and stands.  I fell in love with them!  I told Hubby that I wanted to bid on them and he said no problem.  We decided how high we would bid for them.

The day of the auction, I went to the auction and found a spot close to the urns.  I camped out!  I was determined that I was going to at least get a chance to bid on these urns.  I wasn't sure just how much they would go for.  I stood in the hot July sun, getting sunburt, and waited until the auctioneer got to the urns.

Finally, after three hours, the auctioneer made it over to the urns.  I was one of about 15-20 people left at the auction.  The urns were the last thing to be auctioned.  I started the bidding at $35.  Then a man bidded $40.  I went $45.  He went $50.  I went $55.  He went $60.  I went $65.  The man bidding against me hesitated.  I looked at him and said, "I've been waiting on these urns for THREE hours and I PLAN on going home with them!"  The auctioneer looked at the man, shook his head, and said, "She has been here waiting all day for these!"  The man looked at me, smiled, and said, "You can have them!"

So for $65, I bought both of the urns and stands!!

While I was paying for our auction items, the aucutioneer came over to me and said that I had "stole" those urns!  I looked at him and said I know it!  So every year since, when we go to this auction, the auctioneer says there's that woman that stole my urns!

The hardest part was the fact that each part of these urns weighs about 100 pounds!  They are heavy!  Hubby looked at me and said, "How are we going to get these home?"  Well, you should have never said I could get them!!


  1. There's always a sense of "Hell yeah, I won!" when I win something from
    eBay. I can see how people can get carried away. Limits must be set from the beginning.
    Congrats on winning the urns.

  2. Thank you for joining Mama's Little Nestwork! Stop by Mama's Little Chick when you get a chance and say hi! Welcome to the Nest!

    Mama Hen

  3. That's a great story. Do you feel just a little bit triumphant every time you walk/drive past them...? I think I would.

  4. Oh, yeah, you go, girl... those are great and add just the right touch of class to the place... will last forever, too... thanks for sharing... when you get a minute, stop by...

    Twitter: SolarChief


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