Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Haircut is Cute

Knox and I went to get a haircut the other day.  Knox went first and got his haircut first.  Debra cut his hair the way he likes it and finished him up and had him looking great! 

I went next.  Debra did a trim on my new haircut.  While she was trimming my hair, Knox was telling Debra about our new rooster and quails.  He told Debra how tame the rooster was because he would let you pet him.  Knox also talked about how neat he thought the quail were.

When Debra finished with my haircut, I was getting out of the chair when Knox said, "It's cute!"

Debra and the other ladies in the beauty shop were just in awl!  Debra said she had never had either one of her boys ever say that about her hair!  Knox looked at me and says, "I was talking about the quail!  They're cute."

Well poor Knox went from being the most adorable child to being devil in disguise!  He was ragged for not thinking his moma's hair was really cute.  He handled it quite well and kept telling the ladies that they had to come see the quail.

So I paid Debra and out the door we went.  As soon as we got outside the beauty shop, Knox turns to me and says, "Moma, I really do think that your haircut is cute!"

You know what, he sure is a pretty thoughtful kiddo!!  That's why I love him so!


  1. That boy is learning fast! He'll make a great husband... come visit when you can

    Twitter: SolarChief


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