Friday, August 20, 2010

The Back to School Bash

As I have stated before, I love living in my small town!  There are always different types of community activities to participate in!  The other Saturday, after we finished up at Home Depot, we headed downtown to check out the first Back to School Bash! 

We came about an hour and half after it started and realized that we should have come earlier!  There were more than 90 booths and a petting zoo.  There were booths from preschool programs, all the elementary schools, middle school, and high school.  A lot of churches that had after school or Wednesday night programs were there showing their children and youth programs.  All sorts of government agencies were set up so that you could learn more about their services.  And what would a Bash be without food!  So there were people selling ice cream, popcorn, and snow cones!

The best part of being in a small town is the people!  So whenever there are events downtown, you send most of your time meetin'-and-greetin'....

We ran into Mrs. Turpin and her son. They were just chillin' the summer sun!

We ran into Tootie (don't ask me to tell you Tootie's real name, I never can remember it and nobody that knows him calls him by his given name!).  He had a clown nose on and we almost didn't recognize him!

We found Mrs. Wilson chilling with her red nose on too!  She is the CTAE Director at the high school.  This is a new look for her!  I like it!!

We then found out where all the clown noses were coming from...

There was a clown school going on!!  There were clowns every where!  They were letting the kids come up and dance with them.

A blog friend of mine, Lauren, had her daughter go up and start dancing!

When they were done, Gracie got a special prize from this clown!

We had a great time and the Back to School Bash was a great success!

I have to leave you with one last picture.  We come up on a group of cheerleaders and clowns crying and playing taps....

 ...were having a funeral for a clown that had gotten run over the night before!  I just thought the "chalk" clown outline was a hoot!!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! LOL @ the chalk outline!

  2. At first, I thought "OH NO! That poor clown, getting struck down in the prime of his life!" Then, eventually, I realized it was just part of the fun ;)


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