Saturday, August 7, 2010

Daddy's Little Helper

As I have told you before, my youngest son, Hamp, is a Daddy's Boy!  That, as all Mommies know, is hard to admit!  But it is so true!!

Last week, Hubby's work truck was in need of repair.  So Hubby had his work truck in the driveway making repairs.  (The side question here is...when you are a mechanic and you have all your tools in a shop that has a concrete floor, why are you working on your truck in the driveway!  Men perplexed me!)  Hamp wanted to be outside with Hubby.  He went outside and started helping Daddy.  He was under the truck with Daddy and every where Daddy went he was one step behind.

By the time I got out front, I was greeted by this dirty little face....

But that was not the end of the grease on him....

Hamp had been under the motor with Hubby and got most of the grease from the motor on his head!  Hubby worked him really hard because as soon as I brought him in the house, Hamp climbed on the couch and ....

....passed out!

Daddy's Little Helper is going to have to wait another day to finish up his work!


  1. I need a nap. I'm quite jealous of your son right now.

  2. Yep, hard works makes me require a nap, too! Hey, he's earned it!!


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