Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Knox and the Bird Dog

There is never a dull moment at our house.

For those of you who have following my blog, you have discovered this.  This blog started as a blog to tell about coupons and special savings, but after I discovered that I was only one of millions doing the same, the direction of my blog started to change.  There are no shortages of stories in this house!  I so realized that my blog could be a way to document our family for my boys.

So I wanted to tell a story that we love to tell about our oldest, Knox...

When Knox was around 6 or 7, we were given a free bird dog.  Knox named him Cupcake (don't ask, that's another story).  Cupcake was a very hyper bird dog.  He would chase shadows of birds until his tougne was on the ground!  So when he was playing with Knox, Knox would give out before he would.  And when Knox quit playing with Cupcake, Cupcake would nip Knox on the butt trying to get him to play with him again!  Knox hated this!

I had gone somewhere and Knox was staying with Hubby. Hubby was working in the shop and Knox was running around playing with Cupcake. So while Hubby was working, he noticed that Knox had quit playing with Cupcake but didn't think much of it. 

Soon he started hearing this little *nip*.  Then there was another *nip*.  Hubby stopped what he was doing to listen a little closer.  *nip*...*nip*...*nip*  Hubby realized that he had not seen Knox.  He called Knox and asked him what he was doing. 

*nip*..."Nothing, Daddy!" ...*nip*...

...*nip*..."Where's Cupcake?"...*nip*...

"Over here with me. (...*nip*...*nip*...) I'm teaching him how to behave."

With that statement, Hubby knew he needed to see what Knox was doing.  When he got to Knox, Hubby found out what was making the *nip* noise...

Knox had Cupcake hooked up to the battery charger!!

Yes, you read that one right...battery charger!  Poor Cupcake was just sitting there taking the low voltage and giving a little *nip* everytime it sent out a charge.  Now don't get PETA on little Knox, Hubby quickly took the battery charger off Cupcake and you need to realize that it was a battery charger for a 6 volts so it had very low shocks for the poor dog!

When Hubby asked what made him do this, Knox said that he was tired of Cupcake biting him in the butt when he wanted to stop playing!

I just love having boys!!


  1. LOL! Poor, poor Cupcake. That is terrible :)

  2. Made me laugh. Our dog used to bite our son Tyler on the tush when he would run through the house . Ty was still in diapers so it was cute. The "electric trainer" is so funny... Gotta love it.

  3. LOL - oh my! I feel sorry for the dog but that is just too funny.

  4. oh my, that is so horrible and so funny at the same time. Right now, my little boy uses the toy spatula (that little girl used to pretend to cook with) to swat at his teddy bears in the nose. Is this what I have to look forward to? Yes, gotta love the sense of adventure in a heart of a boy.


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