Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It Was All I Could Do To Keep From Crying!

My oldest started 5th grade Thursday.  I know, I know we all how much we all dread seeing our "little" babies that we birthed walk down that road of independence and off to school!  But even as sad as I am about my oldest growing up WAY to fast, this is a post about HIS realization that he is growing up too fast!

As I said, school started Thursday for my oldest boy Knox.  So the Tuesday night before, we packed everybody (except the chickens..read this to understand that line) in the truck and headed to Big A Elementary.  It was orientation night.  The night he would find out who his 5th grade teacher would be.

As we enter the school, we see many of the old faces we see all through out the school year.  We got our car rider number and then headed to the 5th grade hall.  Knox found his name on Ms. Housley's class list and we headed to her room.

We entered Ms. Housley's room to find that we were one of the last ones to arrive (even though it was a 2 hour drop-in orientation and we got there only 45 minutes after it started).  Ms. Housley greeted Knox and us with a big smile and she is was excited to have him this year!

He and I found his packet and began getting out all the first of the year paper work, when I noticed Knox turn around and start wiping his eyes.  I asked what was wrong and he said nothing.  But I wondered was he really crying or was there something in his eyes. 

When he turned back around I could see that he was fighting back tears!  He was crying!  I was floored and not sure what to say.  I looked at my husband who was just as floored as me!  We weren't sure what to do so we just ignored it and went on chatting with Ms. Houlsey and filling out paper work.

After we got home, there was a time when he and I were alone.  I asked him what happened while we were in Ms. Housley's classroom.

He said, "Moma, it just hit me!  I'm in 5th grade!"

It was all I could do to keep from crying!


  1. Thats so sweet. I guess I shouldn't say that about a 5th grade boy but still. I think I would cry with him if mine did that.

  2. When my 9 grandkids advanced to a higher grade level their parents also shed a few tears...tears of joy that summer vacation was over and they were back in school :-)

  3. I cried and I don't even know you guys...so sweet!

  4. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN ME WHEN MY KIDS WENT OFF TO COLLEGE. I JUST ABOUT DIED. NOW THEY both live in houses bordering my property. you can find almond paste in almost any grocery store. it is usually in the baking aisle by the nuts. it comes in cans but also comes in tubes in boxes. if you don't see it just ask them.

  5. It's always hard to let them go -- even when they're much, much, older... your influence is waning and the world is pulling hard... tears were given to you for a purpose... for those emotional moments... thank God he can show his feelings... time could well change that, I'm afraid... {hugs to all you young mothers facing the first weeks of school}}} come visit, now that you can...

  6. What a sweet post. Aren't kiddos amazing. Everyday they teach us something new. I hope the first day of school went well.
    Have a fabulous day!


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