Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daddy's Dirty Little Boy

The other day I had to make a few errands so Hubby said he would watch the boys.  He was working in the shop.  He said that the boys would be OK and that big brother would be helping him to watch little brother. 

When I came in, this is how I found little brother...

I have just come to the realization that I can never have clean children when they are with their Daddy!  When I told Hamp he was going to have to have a bath he, this is what he did and started screaming for Daddy....

Clean Mommy gets no respect!!


  1. I just love the photos. How they remind me so much of our little guy. I think daddies + sons + shops always equal dirt and of course a great time.
    Hope you have a blessed day!

  2. EVERYBODY knows daddies, dirt, and little boys are what it's all about... sugar and spice is for 'clean' mommmies... that is your mantra for the next 18 years... come visit when you're rested...

  3. That is one healthy little boy. Dirt makes boys grow big and strong (at least that is how it worked in our home).


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