Friday, September 3, 2010

Saturday's are For Football!!

I just can't wait! 

This Saturday is the opening of the College Football season!! 

Knox at the ASU Game 2009


I can't wait to get to Athens and join the mass of people going into the hollowed grounds of Sanford Stadium! 

I can't wait to listen to Jeff Danzler and Loren Smith do the pre-game show!

I can't wait to talk Georgia Football with all the other Georgia fans! (I work with Clemson and Florida fans.)

I can't wait to listen to all the sounds of Athens booming with anticipation of the first kick of the ball!

I can't wait to find my seats and catch up with all my fellow season ticket holders around me and listen to their predictions for the season ahead!

The view from my seats.
I can't wait to see the "sea" of red and black that reminds me of a living and breathing football fanatic growing bigger and stronger as kick-off gets closer and closer!

I can't wait for the sounds of "Go Dawgs" as I enter Sanford Stadium and the green sacred hedges!

I can't wait to hear the "Red and Black Marching Down the Track".

I can't wait to hear the Silver Sousa's sound off that it is time to turn and find the "lone" trumpet player in the Upper Deck of the Southeast Corner of Sanford Stadium!

Me in the UGA Redcoat Band!

I can't wait to hear Larry!

I can't wait to hear the Redcoat Marching Band blow away everyone with Battle Hymn!

I can't wait to shake my Red shaker!

I can't wait to sing the Alma Marter and the Star Spangle Banner!

I can't wait to see Russ, who is filling in until the real UGA is named.

I can't wait until we get our new UGA!

I can't wait to hear CHARGE and then Glory, Glory to Old Georgia!

I can't wait to see the DAWGS tear down the big "G"!

I can't wait to see the Dawgs run on the field!

I can't wait to hear the crowd get louder and louder as the ball is set by the kicker!

I can't wait to hear the crowd yell "Goooooooooooooooo DAWGS! Sic 'em!  Woof, woof, woof, woof!"
This is me and the other Satin Silver Sousas getting ready for the Go Dawgs cheer!

And I just CAN NOT wait to hear that first crash of helmets and shoulder pads!!

Oh, there is NOTHING like...

Saturday in Athens!

I am ready for some Football!!!

Hamp...the next UGA lineman!


  1.'re excited?


    You've got the best view from your seats!

  2. I'm with ya! I just love football season. Little Hamp looks so adorable.

  3. I love your redcoat band photo!!!!

  4. holy smokes lady! ur mega fancy with all ur harvesting love! i'm just stoppin by to say...
    thanks for stopping by on a day i needed a little extra love :)

  5. football football football....that is almost all i care about right now! i have no room for anything in my house. i buy these lamps and things and redo them and let my son sell them at yard sales and consignment stores so he can make a few bucks! i get to feed my art and he makes a bit of spending money from it. my house is always dark at night!!!


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