Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Quail's New Home

Check out the new house Hubby built for our quails.

The bottom is open so that they can scratch around.  Since the grass has grown up, the quails are almost impossible to see.

They seem to be loving it!


  1. That looks great... I did something like that for my Guinea Hens years ago... love the portability as much as they seem to... does hubby have plans folks could follow... side income... always thinking... come visit when you can... I waited and ended up drinking your wine, as well... oh, well, just start another bottle...

  2. They're cute :) Do you have to protect them from being eaten by foxes etc...?

  3. I'm such a city girl - I had no idea that quails are so cute! Looks like a really well-built coop. Hope they stay safe in there!


  4. Hey tractor mom, do you by any chance no matter how slight, sell quail eggs or give them away if u totally hate the idea of selling. I'm desperate with two little children who have chicken egg intolerance yet need eggs badly. please send me an email at sammyiee at hotmail com.


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