Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You Can Tell When A Woman Puts In a Toliet

As a woman, I have been in a lot of public toilets.  I have also become infuriated at the placement of the toilet paper in public toilets!

Men stand, drain their bladders and leave (after they wash their hands, please). Most of them will never use toilet paper in a public toilet.  They have no idea what we women go through and think nothing of where the toilet paper dispenser is placed! 

But as a woman, I use toilet paper when I got into a public toilet!  So it frustrates me to NO end when you litterly have to bend down to your toes to get to the toilet paper!!

I have come to the conclusion that when these contractors build these new restaurants and shopping centers, they don't sit on the toilet to see how hard it is to get the toilet paper!!  I hate having to reach lower than the toilet seat to get toilet paper!

I want to start a movement to have it a law that a WOMAN must inspect and pick out the best place to put the toilet paper. 

I want men to stop putting the toilet paper lower and raise the dumb paper so you can reach it easier!!

It needs to be at a height that is reachable without having to do toe touches.  It also needs to be high enough that your knees are not against it while you sit on the toilet.

To me it is plainly obvious that MEN are putting in all the public toilets that women are using!!  They DO NOT pay attention to where they put the toilet paper dispensers!

To men, this is a trivial thing where you put the toilet paper! 

But I want to hear from other women out there...

Do you not feel totally squashed in a bathroom stall that has the toilet rolls in an awkward place?

Do you feel, as I do, that more public toilets need to have a woman's engineering prospective before it is declared finished? 

Are you frustrated by toilet paper placement like I am?

Let me know what YOU think!!

I will end this post with a high note...

I found a toilet that was put in by a woman or a very thoughtful man who had a wife who complained about where the toilet paper placement should be...

(And yes, I did take a picture of a public toilet!)


  1. I hate when they are put right beside the toilet and take up part of the space over the toilet. Then you are stuck up against the other wall.

  2. Dispensers should be placed shoulder high when sitting.

  3. My husband is an architect, and I am going to forward your concerns to him. He does design ladies restrooms specifically for me to use and imagines my convenience. I am loving your toilet theme this week.

  4. I totally agree, it's infuriating BUT there is a reason... I happened to consult a company that actually installed bathrooms in commercial buildings... the paper is put low to reduce the amount used by the public and save money! When the rolls are put higher, folks let yards of the paper come off the roll and make big cushiony puffs to wipe themselves, thereby clogging the toilets... when they're lower, you can only get so much before it separates from the roll and you finally get so irritated you just used what you can get and then go wash your hands... now, the roll next to the knees is a new phenomenom and that's just plain stupidity but they are also make the stalls smaller to get more into a room after women have complained of long lines etc...there should be a happy medium but I'm not sure what the solution is other than the old, "did you make water?" before you leave the house... my real pet peeve is for all those a..h...s who break the doors! What do they do that!?! Were they raised in barns?

  5. Oh so true. What I hate is when there is no hook for your purse so you have to put it on the pee-soaked floor. Jerky bathroom designers.

  6. So I just read this post. (I am way behind on my blog reading.) I whole-heartedly agree. My pet peeve lately is that diaper-changing tables are also either so low that it kills your back to change the kid or so high that you're likely to get pee in the face if your kid goes. And can you please not stick changing tables in a dark corner or worse, IN FRONT of other bathroom stall doors (thank you, Chilis in Gainesville). I guess I should be thankful that some places even have changing tables because there is nothing more annoying than leaving the dinner table in a restaurant to take your child to the bathroom only to find out that there is no changing table. So, then you have to either walk out to the car, or do it at the table (which is gross, but somehow I think well-deserved if the restaurant doesn't provide anywhere else to do it). Then, of course, there is the universal conspiracy amoung men to only install changing stations in the women's restrooms. What, men don't change diapers? My man least, he does if there is a changing table in the men's bathroom that he can use!


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