Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Funeral Procession

This past weekend, we helped host the Broad River Rural Hertiage Association Fall Farm Show.  It is held the last Saturday in September each year at the base of Currahee Mountain in our hometown of Toccoa.

Since the show is not far from our home, we drive some of our tractors to the show.  This year we took 5 tractors.  This required me driving the truck and trailer while Hubby drove tractors.  Even with both of us driving it took us three trips.

Even in our rural town, to say we got looks as we drove down the road moving tractors was an understatement! The looks of drivers as they go by causes me just to smile and wave.  People mostly shake their heads and smile.  If our friends pass by, they are always blowing the horn and hanging out the window, yelling at Hubby!

 It's so funny to watch as Hubby drives down the road!  I had to take a few pictures...

(And yes, I took these pictures as I was driving!)

Hubby reached the top speed of 20 MPH!!  And obeyed all the traffic laws!

Because Hubby wasn't going the speed limit, we ended up with a long line of cars behind us.

All I could do was laugh at what I saw in the rear view mirror!  I found it so funny I had to take a picture!

You can see the trailer in the picture followed by the trail of cars!  We looked like a funeral procession coming down the road!

But this is where we were going...

The base of beautiful Currahee Mountain!

It's a towering mountain that is the start of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It became famous with the book and mini-series The Band of Brothers.  This is the mountain that the men of the 101st ran 3 Miles Up, 3 Miles Down at least twice a day!  It is a grueling, steep drive up to the top of the mountain.  But the view is well worth it!

After the show, we had a good friend help us by driving one of the tractors back to the house.

They drove down the "main drag" causing quite a few looks! Some folks driving by had to talk to Hubby!

We didn't cause as big a funeral procession on the way home because we were mostly on two lane roads.  Hubby and John almost made it home just before the rain soaked them!  But Hubby's tractor ran out of gas less than a mile from the house.  He and John went back in the pouring rain and pulled the tractor home.  When they got back, both of them were soaked to the bone!

Oh, well, I keep telling you that there never is a dull moment here....

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  1. I want your life! Great pix and such a fun day... hope you gave hubby some really hot soup to warm his bones... (or, as maybe just a wee dram of the spirits?)... come visit when you can...

  2. Ok, I loved the pictures you took while driving! I would of had to laugh to if I saw that many cars behind me! I hope you had a good time, it is to bad the tractor ran out of gas and your husband got soaked.


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