Saturday, September 11, 2010

Brotherly Love

When I found out I was pregnant with my youngest, Hubby and I were wondering how our oldest would be with a new baby in the house.  Knox had been our baby for 10 years before his little brother came along.  Having a new baby in the house has been a huge change of lifestyles for not only us, but Knox too.

Having Knox has been wonderful!  He is such a caring young man. Knox is also really good with his brother.  He is my "right hand man" many days as he helps me with Hamp as we get ready to eat or are getting ready for bed.  He even once changed Hamp's diaper without me asking!! 

(I had always promised myself I would never make Knox change Hamp's diaper.  So I was shocked when he did this!)

The other morning I snapped these pictures of Knox helping Hamp eat breakfast...

This last picture is the one that Knox said I "had" to get!  He sat there until Hamp had finished eating all he wanted and then he finished off the bowl.

Hamp couldn't have picked a better Big Brother!


  1. He certainly is and that's a strong testament to your attitude... sometimes, you're lucky and it's a natural thing for children to love and support their siblings; other times, you have to show the children that they are meant to be best friends for life and ignoring, hitting, or being mean is simply not tolerated in your family... too many people don't do this and just let the kids 'work it out'... they have to have an example... that's what parents are for, and you're obviously a great example... come visit when you get that table cleared...

  2. Thanks for stopping by on my sits day! You were my first comment (I guess that means you were up either really early or really late!) Wow! What a ride that was! Cute site ... I'll be back for a visit! Your kiddos are adorable!

  3. What a wonderful big brother Knox is. I am sure Hamp loves every minute of it.

  4. Awwww... what a cute series of pics! And what a great big brother Knox is. They are both so lucky to have one another!

  5. I'm 11 years older than my first sister and 19 than the youngest- it's amazing the bond you can form despite the years of difference!

  6. That is just so sweet. HE IS lucky to have such a sweet and helpful older brother.

    In other news, I can't even imagine having a break THAT big between kids. WOW! I guess since mine are only 15 months apart, this 10 year business seems extreme. haha


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