Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Skateboarding Toddler

Hubby found his old, and I mean old, skateboard a few months ago and brought it home for the kids to play with.  (Secretly, I know he brought it home so that he could play with it!)

Well, Hubby and my oldest have rode it around the driveway a time or two but most the old, and I mean old, skateboard is just sitting around the carport.  It's just waiting for the day when I come by and step on it and break a few bones!

So I am outside "watching" the little one and working on my laptop when I look up and see...

 my little one trying out the old, and I when old, skateboard!

As I kept watching he kept trying to get the hang of it.

Then finally...

He started getting the hang of it!

I might have the next Tony Hawks, who knows!

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  1. That is so COOL and maybe a little scary! : ) I love seeing kids figure something out on their own.

  2. Happy Wordless Wednesday!
    I love the photos. The photo of the little one trying to get up is priceless. I love that he stuck with it. Great Job!
    I hope you are having a fabulous day and thanks for linking up!

  3. This is too cute!! I am now following you from Wordless Wednesday. Hope you can follow back :)

  4. SUPER DUPER CUTE!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Aww, what a cutie! He's just doesn't want to be left out :)


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