Monday, October 25, 2010

It's a Special Day...


I just can't believe it!!

This is my 300th post!

It's not even been a year and I have 300 posts!

I just can't believe it!

So to celebrate, I thought I would say a very special Thank You to all the "Groupies" that have read all these posts!  It's because of y'all and your friendship that has allowed me the opportuinty to express myself and share the adventures of this International Harvester family.  You have all been wonderful and so supportive.  I look forward to checking all your comments!  They always put a smile on my face!

We have a special birthday that we will be celebrating this week...

Knox will be 11 years old!

This is just a month of celebrations for us and I'm glad y'all are getting to celebrate them with us!

I hope you keep coming back to share even more momeries and ideas with us as we deive for 300 more posts!

Thanks for being the BEST "GROUPIES"!!

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  1. Aaaww - congratulations on your 30th post! That is just awesome! I have loved all of them that I have had an opportunity to read.

  2. 300?? Someone has too much time on her hands (says the girl who has been watching YouTube videos for the past hour).


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