Friday, October 15, 2010

Dang Rooster!

If you follow my blog you know we've got an usual rooster, Big Red.  He is a chicken that thinks he's human!

The other day, Knox came running in the house saying that Big Red was in Hubby's truck!  Now, knowing my son and that rooster I just knew that Knox had put the rooster in the truck.  So, as any good doubting mother would do, I told Knox to get the rooster out of the truck and quit putting him in his Daddy's truck!

Well, a few minutes pass when I hear Knox saying that Big Red was back in the truck!  I told Knox that I was getting upset that he kept putting the rooster in the truck and that his Daddy was going to be ticked!!

Knox says he's not putting him in there.



That dang rooster was in the truck!

He got there all by himself!

If this rooster thinks he's going to learn how to drive from me, he's got another thing coming....

Just to let you know, he got in the truck two more times until Knox rolled up the truck windows.

Dang rooster!!

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