Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Moma's Pride Moment

6Wednesday at church, Knox was ending his hand chime rehearsal.  They end rehearsal with prayer.  One of the other kids asked to say the prayer but my Knox asked to add a special prayer.

He wanted to say a special prayer for the Chilean miners.

His concern for people half a world away really amazed his hand chime leader.  She was so touched she made a point to tell me!  She said that most of the kids just pray for those they know.

We had been explaining to him what that big rocket thing was that had people in it on TV.  Knox asked how they got down there, what had happened to trap them, and why it took so long to get them up.  He was really concerned about how and if all those miners were going to come out of alive.

He is starting to realize that his life is influenced by the world outside of our little town.  He's starting to see that it's important to know what happens in other places in the world because they may affect our home some day.

It makes me proud to know that my son is starting to see beyond the city limits!  I want him and his brother to be open minded to others that live differently than us!  I want him to see that we all depend on each other to live on this planet and that we must begin to care for one another as God cares for us!

I just wanted to share a little pride I have in my son...

He's growing up faster than I can keep up with....

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  1. This is such an important lesson to teach our children -- if they don't feel it, inside, already... I always told my girls that with bounty comes charity, that when you are able to feed and care for yourself, you need to extend that same ability to those who don't... and prayers are always welcome... You can be very proud of Knox to think of that without prompting... You're apparently a great example because he is simply reflecting what he knows... Come visit when you can...

  2. That really is a moment to be proud of! It is really wonderful that he was so concerned for those miners, seeing compassion like that in a young person is always a wonderful thing!


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