Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh No! Not 11 Years!

Today is a day that changed my life...

Eleven, I can't believe I am saying it, eleven years ago today I started one of my greatest roles in life...

It was 4:01 am on this day eleven years ago that the most wonderful joy came into mine and my husband's life....

My first born took his first breath and started screaming....

He hasn't stop screaming since!

I just can't believe that eleven years have pasted by since that day!  It seems like it was just yesterday...

Everyone told me that the years would fly by.

I knew this was true but I never thought it would fly by that fast!

Happy Birthday...

 to my first "Baby", Knox!

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  1. Happy Birthday Knox! Hope it is a wonderful one.

    What a sweet post. You are so right, time sure does fly! Just enjoy every lilttle moment.
    Have a great weekend of celebrating!


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