Monday, November 1, 2010

The Best Birthday Ever!

As I said Friday, my oldest "baby" is now 11 years old!  To celebrate his birthday, he invited some of his friends over to spend the night.

Now if you have kids you know what it's like when you have a house full of boys or girls--wild!!  So with having boys, we decided they needed to sleep outside.  If nothing else, to save mine and my Hubby's sanity!

We set up the tent. 
Gathered and piled up firewood. 
Brought out the cold weather sleeping bags. 
Built a bonfire. 
Bought hot dogs, marshmallow, graham crackers and Hersey's bars.
Bought an ice cream cake....

And had a party to celebrate Knox's 11th birthday...

It took Hubby a while to get the candles to light.

The boys were ready to sing "Happy Birthday".  As a matter of fact, they sang it twice before Hubby got the candles lit!

Knox finally got the chance to blow out his candles!

The boys were boys!  They played all night.  They just about worn out the petal tractors as they rode them all night and the next morning! 

We had a hayride that was a big hit!  The boys wanted to go again about 11:00 pm but Hubby was just too tired to drive all over the homestead again.

This weekend was the first cold weekend we've had this fall.  It got down into the 30s.  So we had the bonfire going really good before we went to sleep so that the boys would have something to help keep them warm.

When we got up, this is what we found...

During the night, the boys had taken coals from the fire and put the under the swing to warm them up as they slept in the swing. 

They had also rolled two logs close together, placed boards on top, and then put hot coals under the boards.  Knox said this was a really warm bed to sleep on!

Now before you say anything, yes they had a tent to sleep in and plenty of warm sleeping bags.  We are talking about boys here!!

But they had a great time...

...and Knox had what he called, "The best birthday ever!"

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  1. I think I've already commented on this and just waiting for your approval -- BUT, I forgot to tell you that The Mom Chef tagged me with eight tortuous questions, that I've answered, and now I can torture you and seven other of my blogging friends with eight new questions. You'll find it all here on my other blog, Rockin' Chair Reflections

    Looking forward to your answers!

  2. I am following you back. That is a fantastic birthday, I am from Alabama so I love it. My boys have a pedal John Deere. Everyone needs a good tractor.

  3. Following from Mom Blog Monday! Hope you'll visit me at :)

    While you're there, I hope you'll enter my LOW ENTRY giveaways & add any giveaways you have to my DAILY giveaway linky!

  4. Looks like everyone had a great time! We are getting ready to go back to the woods to roast hot dogs for dinner. You know, I wouldn't serve them on the table but somehow it seems okay if they are roasted in the woods :) Anyway, glad the boys stayed warm but seemed a little more daring way to do it than what I would have done lol


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