Thursday, November 18, 2010

Old Man Frost and Ornamental Sweet Potato

Old man frost has shown himself to my flower garden.  He has changed my lush summer garden to the restful winter garden.

One plant that I will miss is my ornamental sweet potato, Ipomoea batatas.  This is a vigorous plant that is grown not for the potatoes but for the colorful vine.

This is what it looked like in August.  This is just one plant!  I just love the color which is called, Margarita.

Ornamental sweet potatoes do best in full sun but will take some shade.  It does well in dry climates with little water and can grow in just about all but really wet soil types.

Now you are wondering why in the world is she telling us about a plant that we don't plant until spring?

Well, when old man frost came the other day, he killed my ornamental sweet potato. 

Looking closer, I noticed potatoes coming up from the ground.

Now the neat thing is that you can cook these potatoes (even though they are not that good).  Many gardeners will dig the potatoes up and cook 'em up for dinner.

But I like to do something else with my potatoes.

I store them in a cool dry place and will use them next spring to plant around in my flower beds!

It's a great frugal way to start your own plants for your summer flower garden.  You can even give them as gifts to friends!

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  1. Sounds like just the plant I need around my carport!

  2. Great idea! I wish I had more of a green thumb.

  3. That is a great idea! And it really is a great looking plant. I am sorry that the frost killed it! I loved the color!


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