Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Just Need to Vent..

I want to vent....

I have been listening to all the political ads and that they all want to pass a Arizonia imigration law in our state.

I keep asking Why??

We have imigration laws that aren't being enforced.  Why are politians not talking to law enforement and asking them what needs to be done to strengthen these laws?  Why do we need more laws that are not being enforced?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine the other day.  He has a heating and cooling business where he installs heating and air conditioning systems.  He told an interesting story...

A man had called and wanted central air put in his home.  He also wanted the air conditioning unit under the house.  The problem was that he didn't have enough room under the house.  He asked my friend how much room he needed to have.  My friend told him and said he didn't expect to hear from him for a couple of weeks because there was a lot of dirt to move and all of it would have to be dug out by hand!

My friend got a call from the man TWO days later!  When my friend got there, he found that the man had dug the crawl space under the house even deeper than he had suggested!  My friend was floored!  He asked the man, "How did you dig this out so fast?"

He said that he hired three hispanic men who came and hand dug out his crawl space in less than two days time!

My friend and I both stated that this one reason we have so many illegals in this country! 

I watched an investigative report from Fox 5 Atlanta that hit on this too.

This investigation centered on the Delegation of Immigration Authority Section 287(g) Immigration and Nationality Act, known as 287(g).  This allows INS trained local law enforcement personal to charge immigrats who have been arrested with deportation.  This law has helped to deport many crimial iligeal immigrates.
What the report brought out was what I feel we need to be targeting--companies that employ iligeal workers!

It was amazing to see all the employers that illigeal workers reported they worked for!  Why are these companies not doing background checks with law enforcement?

Why are we not fining these companies for hiring illigeals?

I can see how one or two might get through a company's hiring practices.  But when a company has 10 or more illigeal workers, why are we not slamming these companies?

If there were no jobs, don't you think that would stop illigeal workers from coming into this country?

Many are saying that it would help the unemployment rate by hiring legal workers.

But would it....

The sad thing to me is that without illegals I don't know if our legal work force would do the work!

If you go back to the story I started in this post...

You might be able to find someone who would have done what those three hispanic men had done, but they would have not done it in the short amount of time or would have charged an arm and a leg! 

I have known imigrants who have come into our community.  Many of them do jobs that many Americans would NEVER do!  They do it well and effiencently!  All of my hispanic student have had parents that worked two or three jobs.  I know this because of having to schedule parent conferences are difficult because of their schedules.  Most of the kids are hard workers too!

So I have a suggestion...

Either enforce immigration laws on employers and stop hiring illegals or, let's work to make them Americans!

Aren't we all imigrants?

The only true Americans are Native Americans.

This is my idea...

Let's let all illegals register with their local law enforcement and recieve green cards.  Then, for the next 5 years these imigrants will have to find a job, pay taxes (I bet the IRS won't mind making another form!), and not get in trouble with the law!  Then let them become citizens, tax paying citizens!

I know, this may cause a flood of imigration into this country!  It can't be any more than there already are!
I know that there are a lot of people that will disagree with me, but this is my take on this issue.  I feel that if we are really going to stop this influx of illegal immigration we need to stop the cause (hiring illegal workers) or just let all immigrats become American citizens! 

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  1. I do know we have an immigration problem but I think it is much more complicated than what meets the surface. To you and I the solution seems simple - and "is" simple, but this thing has gotten so out of control it is unreal.

  2. I can understand your venting, because we do have laws already on the books that are not being enforced... but, as for the rest of your post and suggestion, I need to think about it a bit... It's not a bad idea, but needs a little tweaking in my head... well done... come visit when you can...

  3. Well you know how much trouble Terry had getting his green card. If two intelligent people who are educated, speak the language, and can afford an attorney to represent them have as much trouble as we did, my heart goes out to those people who want to do things legitimately and don't have a chance because of the bureaucracy,red tape,inefficiency and sheer mean-spiritness of Immigration "Services".

    What would Jesus do?


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