Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Day...

The other weekend we went to the Pumpkin Patch...

We headed to Dawsonville to Bradley's Pumpkin Patch.  This is a small pumpkin patch is run by a young man who won the National Winner of the 2009 National FFA Agricultural Sales in Entrepreneurship Proficiency Award--Bradley Weaver.  Being a former Ag Teacher myself who had a National Proficiency winner, I know how just how hard the competition is for these awards!  I wanted to see and show my son what hard work does.

There were plenty of pumpkins at all different price points.  There was an awesome little gift shop with all kinds of neat stuff.  There was even a neat hay ride--that we didn't go on because someone was a little fussy!  Check out the web site for all the different things they do throughout the year!

Now, when you go to a pumpkin patch, you have to get pictures with pumpkins. 

You are always looking for the perfect pumpkin picture...

For us, this was as good as it got...

It was impossible to get Hamp to smile or even look at the camera!  Don't ask about the outfit!  NOBODY, I mean NOBODY had pumpkin outfits for boys!!  (These is a whole nother issue.)  So no cute pumpkin shirt!  That's the reason I think he didn't want to smile!

So these were as good as we could get!

Bradley's had all types of riding toys for the kids to play with and wagons that you could carry your pumpkins to the car with.

Knox found this dozer for Hamp to ride in...

Hamp was having a blast being pulled around!

The problem came when we needed to return the dozer ride toy...

Hamp was NOT a happy camper!

But Big Brother was having a blast...

Now we have two awesome pumpkins that are decorating our home!  We also had a great day out, eventhough somebody was a little fussy about having to leave!

These are the fun family days that become great memories later!

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  1. Oh, how sad that he couldn't take that dozer home. I remember those days though lol

  2. This must have been the weekend for the pumpkin patches. We went this past weekend and had a blast though I thought we were going to get blown away. I totally understand about the cute shirts for boys. I am learning the retail world loves girls and just deals with our boys. Love the pumpkin photos, espically the second one where he is looking at all the surronding pumpkins.
    I hope you are having a fabulous day!

  3. So I don't think my first comment took so here we go again. I love your pumpkin patch photos. The second photo of Hamp in the middle of all those pumpkins is priceless. I am hoping to get our photos up our trip to the patch on Friday.
    Hope you are having a great day!

  4. How fun! I love the dozer wagon. It looks like the kiddo's had a great time.

  5. I love going to pumpkin patch! yay!!! traditions make me smile. we are going tomorrow :)

    I'm so glad ot have found you via the twitter hop :)


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