Thursday, October 7, 2010

We're Number 5!!

Y'all ROCK!!!

We're at #5!  It's all because of awesome GROUPIES!!  Y'all voted for my blog on Top Mommy Blogs and we made it to number 5 in the Working Mom Blogs! 

Don't forget that you can vote everyday, once a day!  I want to see if y'all can get us to the top 25 in the overall Top Mommy Blogs!! 

Top Mommy Blogs - Vote for us @ TopMommyBlogs.Com!


  1. oh my goodness, I'm glad I stopped by.... will start voting NOW! congratulations!!!

  2. You go, girl! Never a doubt... Proud of you!... Come visit when you can...

  3. WHOOO-HOO!! You rock :) Thanks for the bunny advice :)

  4. Hey that's pretty cool news!
    Just stopping by from the SITS snowleopard tribe! Great to meet you!! and looking forward to getting to know you a bit better! Am following on twitter and facebook.


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