Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Egg Carton Maker

The other weekend we went to a tractor show about a hour from the house.  We got a late start and so we got there late because we were awaken by a little boy's projectile vomiting!  Turned out that once he got it all out, he was fine!  But it caused us to not be able to take our tractor, so we just loaded ourselves, the kiddos and the toy tractors and headed to Franklin.

I found a really neat item walking around.

This is an egg carton maker.  You'll notice a handle in the upper right hand corner of the picture.  The handle brings down the bar on the top that looks like a big comb. 

The "teeth" make the individual pockets in the cardboard that hold the eggs.  I just thought this was really cool!  I would have loved to have it!  Hubby and I had never seen one before and we were just fascinated with it!

I just wanted to share this cool thing from the past!


  1. I hope your little one is now back to feeling 100%. I love the egg carton maker, how cool.

  2. OMG! I would so love to have one to display my Pysanki eggs... I could make special paper and create some beautiful holiday settings... wonder where it is, now, and how much they want for it... come visit when you can

    Twitter: SolarChief

  3. I love that someone was pondering this egg transport trouble and said, "I wonder if a feller just..." AND DID IT.

  4. How cool! I love things like that.

  5. Poor little guy. Throwing up is no way to start a day! Glad he had a quick recovery!

    Cool find with the carton maker!

  6. I'm finally making a visit over after you stopped by last week. I'm sorry it's taken me so long!!

    I hope the little guy is feeling better!

    That egg carton maker is so cool!!

  7. SUPER cool! Amazing but I never thought about how an egg carton might have been made. Very neat, indeed.

    p.s. I just noticed that the name of your followers (which I'm happily one) is Tractor Mom Groupies. I love it! :))

  8. Who would have thought?!? I know what everyones getting for Xmas :)

  9. WOW! That is really cool. SO sorry about the projectile vomit. that is the absolute worst of all! But, sounds like it turned into a fun day. Thanks for posting.

    P.S.--the egg carton is neither egg nor carton. Discuss. hehehehe. veclempt.

  10. That is so totally cool! I would love to see it in action.

  11. That's an Antique Road Show kind of find. Love it!
    I've finally gotten the 3day grime off. Thanks for visiting me.


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