Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heading South...

It seems that as we left Indiana heading to North Carolina, we brought the rain with us!  We stopped in Ohio to see an old work buddy of Hubbies.  All day we had been watching the rain clouds all around us forming. 

We found a really great KOA to camp just for the night.  After we got the tent up, the thunder started rolling.  We got drenched in a strong thunderstorm.  Personally, I went to take a shower during the storm and left the boys to find their own shelter from the rain!  We at least got the tent up before it set in raining off and on the rest of the night.

The next night we ended up in Charleston, West Virginia and found Kanawha State Park.  Hubby thought I was getting him lost as we traveled down a very narrow paved road thinking we were in the middle of no where!  He kept thinking he was hearing banjo music!  We finally made it to the campground after much disbelief and relief from the Hubby! 

It was a beautiful campground!  By the time we figured out where we were going to camp--you guessed it--the bottom fell out!!  We were in the middle of putting up the tent when the sky opened up and all we could do was finish putting the tent up in the rain.  The inside got wet but we were able to dry it out using our fans and paper towels.

The boys spent the evening playing in the creek next to our tent while Hubby built us a fire.  The folks camping next to us brought over popcorn, drinks, and other goodies for the boys.  They made us feel better when we told them we thought we were lost in the middle of no where trying to find this campground.  They quickly informed us that we WERE in the middle of no where! 

These are the wonderful memories that we hope our kids will remember  One day they will hopefully treasure all these wonderful misadventures that we have traveling around to all these tractor shows!


  1. Vacation adventures and mishaps always give us the best memories! That's what we always end up talking about when it's over with! Sounds as though you had a great time!

  2. What a great time you had!... love those camping day stories... like waking up to see a 65-foot spider just over your head!... and having a contest for picking ticks off each other at the end of the day... I had a great trick for trekking through the woods (psssttt: don't tell anyone... but, if you're on foot, go first... the ticks sense a warm body and jump on the next guy! If you're on a horse, let someone else go first and they'll catch all those spider webs in the trees!... heeheeheeee!)

    Hope you got to enjoy some nice NC weather, at least... come visit when you can...

    Twitter: SolarChief


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