Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Auto Buggies are Coming...

At Red Power Round-up this year they had the largest gathering of International Auto Buggies.  These were cars that were made by the International Harvester company between 1900 and 1915.  There are only about 100 left in the world and 48 were at this show!  I wanted to share some really cool pictures of these neat cars.

Check out the close up of the lights that are on this buggy...

They are oil lamps!

This one has a truck type bed on the back.

Here's the family wagon!

This one was still in the original condition and had very little restoration done to it.  Now notice on all these Auto Buggies, the drive sat on the right side not the left.  This was before the Model-T made the left side standard.

Check out the motor in the following pictures.  The engine is located under the car.  Look between the wheels of the above picture and you can see some of the engine.  They have air cool engine and are as quite as an electric car is today.

This is the crank used to start the engine.

It was just amazing how quite these machines were considering just how old they were.  Especially next to the advancement in technology of today's engines.

The one thing Hubby and I got a big kick out of were the horns on these cars!  They were the old T-model type or the bellow type.  This one I took a picture of keep the driver from having to bend over and blow the horn.  He could just sit it in his lap and blow at everyone he saw!

Now you speed demons, check out this speedometer!  It was one of the faster ones we saw.  It topped out at a whooping 60 mph!! 

I just wanted to share something that I found really interesting and just plain fun!  Please share with others and especially your kiddos!  Ours thought this was really cool!

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