Friday, July 16, 2010

A Funny Memory...

My friend Laura at Baby Bunkins had a great post this week about her son going to his first movie.  It got me thinking...

I wanted to share this memory of my son Knox...

When Knox was 5 years old, he was a train nutt!  He loved everything about trains.  The movie The Polar Express was being released that Christmas and Hubby and I were wanting to take Knox to see it.  We had done two or three Polar Express Christmas Trains in the Christmas' before the movie came out and the Polar Express was a favorite book of Knox's to read at Christmas time.

He had never been to a new movie in a theater before so we weren't sure how he would do.  As we got our popcorn and frozen cokes, we headed to our seats.  Knox was so excited.  I didn't think he was going to sit still for the whole movie, but he started to settle down in Hubby's lap.

As the movie got started, Knox was captivated!!  He couldn't take his eyes off the screen.  He moved from Hubby's lap, to his seat, to my lap.  It was getting toward the end of the movie when I started to feel something warm on my leg.  Now Knox is still in my lap.  I start to notice that the warm is also wet and it's coming from Knox!

I whisper in Knox's ear, "Do you need to go to the bathroom?"

"No.  I already went in my pants, Mommy!"

We sat there until the movie was over--because there was no use to leave now!  We just rode home with wet pants and remembered how great the movie was!!

Thanks, Laura for joggin' the old memory banks!


  1. LOL Too busy watching the movie, mom! My boys usually have to go the second the half hour of previews is over and the movie starts. LOL

  2. Too funny. Loved the story...Have a great weekend.


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