Thursday, July 1, 2010

We Made It!! 2010 Red Power Round-Up

We Made It!!  LaPorte, Indiana!  2010 Red Power Round-Up!  The International Harvester Collectors Club's national tractor show!  We passed a lot of corn and soybean fields and a lot of little towns stuck between those fields but we made it!

The weather is beautiful! We left 90 degree weather and 80% humidity for the comfort of 80 degrees and almost no humidity!  I wish we could take this weather back down south we us! 

The only thing about the weather I would not take back is the storm we had the first night we got here.  A tornado came through LaPorte and they cleared out the campground we are staying at on the fairgrounds.  It was pretty scary!  We lost a canopy along with quite a few other folks but nobody got hurt and most important, no tractors were injured!  (That's what you worry about when you are around tractor folk...some of these folks have put A LOT of money into fixing up these tractors!)

Here is some super horsepower!  My husband wants this one to plow our field.  Only thing is that it would only take two passes but he would have to drive to the neighbors to turn it around!


When you come to these shows, you never know what you are going to see!  American ingenuity at its best!!  This guy is a real Farmall man!

Red tractors everywhere!!  You will only see International Harvesters, Farmalls and CASE IH at this show!  No green tractors are allowed!!

The progression of tractors.  Getting bigger and better as the years go by!

This is one family's display of nothing but petal tractors!  They had TWO double trailers of petal tractors!  It was all we could do to keep Hamp from trying to get on everyone!!


International Harvester started as McCormick Threshers.  This is one of the later McCormick Threshers made.  Here they are demonstrating how these were used.  This is why I love that my children are growing up coming to these shows.  They are learning about history through farming and learning just how hard life use to be.  This I hope is making them realize just how good and easy their life is today.


Lining up the Farmalls and Internationals!


There is nothing finer than seeing Red!

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  1. Great for the kids... they need to know just what has gone on before them... although I do miss a touch of green... heeheehee... have a great Fourth and bring back lots of great stories...

    Twitter: SolarChief


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