Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Rooster(s)

Thursday we went to the chicken sale at the local livestock barn.  As I had stated before, we lost our rooster recently.  So this trip to the chicken sale was to get a new rooster.  As Knox said, we need a rooster to roost on the chickens so we can have eggs!

When we got to the sale, we went out back to check out the chickens that were still available.  We found a Rhode Island Red rooster that didn't seem to skidish and decided that this was the rooster that we wanted to bid on. 

Hubby also spyed something that he wanted!  He found a crate that was filled with 9 baby quail!  Baby quail...why do you have baby quail?  I don't know, but Hubby had quail when he was a kid.  I have heard this story every time he sees quail at the chicken sale or we see quail statues or pictures.  He has been relentless about these quail stories.   So he turns to me and says, "Let's get some quail!"

What I am suppose to say?  The quail are just looking at me with these big, sad eyes.  I couldn't tell the quail no, now could I?  So I told Hubby we could try to get a few to take home.

So we took our seats and waited for the auctioneer to get to our lot.  While we waited, Hamp decided to check out what everybody else had already bought.

Hamp found a rabbit.

Then he found some chickens.

And he couldn't resist petting a little rooster!

As the bidding got to our lots, we were able to get our Rhode Island Red rooster and a hen. 

Then came the quail.  Hubby only wanted a few, but the auctioneer was auctioning the whole lot!  Meaning we would have to buy all 9 quail if we wanted any.  So guess what, we now have 9 baby quail!

Stay tuned and I'll keep you up to date as to what we end up doing with our quail!  It was a fun night that we got to spend as a family.  It just don't get any better than this!!


  1. Well, they do taste good... I'm just sayin'

    Twitter: SolarChief

  2. Just remember: if things don't work out well with the quail, they are absolutely delicious under a strip of bacon on a bed of fresh asparagus...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  3. So glad that you now have a rooster so the chickens can "roost" lol


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